Many Ask Me Why I Always Talk About CD4

Well, as many know, I'm a woman diagnosed with HIV.

After our initial diagnosis, at least two times per year, the doctor (infectious disease specialist) sends us to have two tests done – which are CD4 and viral load. The CD4 test ends up being the amount of defenses we have in our body and the viral load measures the amount of the virus in the blood caused by the infection (HIV).

That's why I always try to be happy and live a, let's say, chill life; obviously that would be something of a feat. Stress, dealing with all of life's daily things, sometimes makes one live life at a mile a minute and forget about relaxing.

Did you know that there are people with HIV with higher defenses than others not living with the virus?

Did you know that someone with a CD4 higher than 200 could clinically be told they are the AIDS stage? Even if it is undetectable.

There are also those who have a hard time raising their CD4 and still never get more than a cold. Just like there are those that have a higher than 1,000 CD4 and are always getting sick.

I remember once that Gastón, my doctor, told me this: stop crying, you have a higher CD4 than someone without HIV!!

Each body is its own world!!! No one has to be like someone else.

CD4s can rise or fall, what matters is to be well within oneself and always live happily with the little or much time we have to be "lhiving" this life!!


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