Hiding Behind the "Good Book"...

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Why is it so hard to understand that getting infected with HIV/AIDS is possible and can happen to you?

Just because you saved and sanctified and running for your God doesn't exclude you….yes, you!

You can remember when:

  • You were sneaking and not listening to anybody, but only to the one who made you feel like you never felt before.
  • You were so in love with the notion of being in love, you only wanted to be with them 24/7 and simply make love.
  • The reality of being safe and being careful was clearly thrown out the window, because you didn't want to mess up the moment!

Why is it so hard to understand that our reality today is that no one is talking about HIV/AIDS, herpes, or any other STI because that simply isn't a cool thing to do?

So you rather sit on the pew and hide behind the big book or should I say the "Good Book", and believe that your prayers are reaching heaven and you are simplygood!

Wrong. Let me interject for a moment or two, and just share with you some facts that many may wish I wouldn't do:

  1. Every 9.5 minutes, someone becomes infected with HIV in the U.S, and that could you be in the next 5 minutes.
  2. HIV/AIDS cases have been diagnosed in every state across America…including yours!
  3. An estimated 21% of people living with HIV are undiagnosed, so you never were tested…21% could include you how would you know?
  4. Since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981, 1.7 million Americans have been infected with HIV…it's knocking on your door…are you looking through the peek hole?

Why is it so hard to understand that getting infected with HIV/AIDS is possible and can happen to you?

Just because you saved and sanctified and running for your God doesn't excuse your behavior!

So…stop hiding behind the "Good Book"!

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Submitted by Bob Hunley

Well since I'm HIV negative I probably won't be on here , but when I thought I had it I researched the whole detailed history and the body goes through , and the meds and side effects and everything. Maybe Maria thinks I'm creepy because of my praise to her and I don't want to come off as creepy. She's been kind. But I stand by what I say , if I ever got involved with someone with HIV I would stand by her or her/him, I like transgendered , not because I'm a bug chaser but she deserves love like anybody else. If she had it or not , she's a human being and in metaphysics we have a saying. Expample , if I catch a cold , my body has a cold but I don't. If I get cancer ., my body has cancer but I don't. The universe doesn't take things away from us like relationships , the universe shows us it's USELESNESS to move on to better oppritunities. We are all Love , it's our job to remove then obsticals to our awareness of the love already in us. Which is our natural inheritance. I admit I succumbed to temptation to a lady I've seen for 5 years , very clean , never a hard word between us and I give her demos of my songs I write and sing. Poetry mixed with music I write. One of my best friends. Anyway thanks Sonya and hope I can hear from Maria someday. Love and Light to all. Bob Hunley.

Submitted by Bob Hunley

Thank you Sonya I only reached out to
Maria this time because I feel like my life is falling apart. I lost my job of 16 years , I've sent out resume's to hundreds of companies , I got 2 promising jobs , it is taking so
long for the companies to give me an answer. I've diligently looked and looked , the only thing I have is my sobriety of almost 17 years , and my son I have on the weekends is now gonna be uprooted. I have to move back in with my folks, and afraid of the change he will go
Through. I'm glad I'm out of the company , it was bad unhealthy place to work. Besides the 12 Steps and my support group I'm
A little down. And then when Maria hasn't answered my e mail I got extremely worried her condition took a turn for the worst. She's like the sister I never had and I hoped for the best she's just busy being an activist. Maybe it's best because when she answers I
break down in tears , it's Spiritual cleansing. And I got involved with a woman and I split it off because she didn't want to use protection. And she said cruel
Things , doesn't understand 2 years ago I was so
Promiscuous that I'm so lucky to be alive. Maria saved me , to
The point when I took my second to
The last test she was there with me via e mail. And I
take meds that tank my system as well for my
OCD. I just hope she's ok , I'm
Still negative and old friends with benefits call me and I won't go back , but the urge is so
strong. I've never even met Maria but being into Metaphysical Spirituality , we are all on
In eternity , just seperate in this dimention in time. If you talk to her please let me know she's ok. Thank you Sonya. Damn I'm crying again.

Submitted by Bob Hunley

I believe the era is different than 1981 when aids showed itself. Actually it was 1976 bicentennial boat part that alot of people were infected. These people were already infected in 76 and the incubation period , LA , Frisco , and New York was when these people started coming in the hospitals with KS and Pnumonia. And the first documented case was in the Congo in 1959. There were sporadic deaths in late 60s and 70's. this is all documented. Now some scientists estimate it might have even has gone back to the 1800's. my point , there are young adults on the scene who are bug chasers and gift givers. What are these people thinking. ? Because of Maria I so far have been saved , I believe God expressed himself through her and I did a total turn around 2 years ago. I was promiscuous and even though I've tested negative over and over so many times , I'm still testing every 3 months. But I know I can come to all of you for support. And believe me, sex addiction does have it's emotional detox. But I don't understand the bug chasers and gift givers. Although if I ended up in a relationship with a woman with HIV I would stay devoted ,supportive and compared of the terror I had from 81 to 2000 that's growth for me. That's my story and Maria will always be my Gaurdian Angel. Kind Regaurds , Bob.

Submitted by sonyamallard

Bob, I am so happy to know that you were blessed to find someone like Maria to encourage you, inspire you, and assist you with turning your life around. she is truly an amazing woman! It's great that you continue to get tested every 3 months especially because of the "window period", and just know some form of protection helps as well. I'm with you about the bug chasers and gift givers, and I guess that is something we will never understand. #untilthereisacure

Submitted by Bob Hunley

Thank you Sonya times been tough. Just hope Maria is ok.

Submitted by sonyamallard

@ Katrina - Thank You My Sister, and I will continue to talk....until there is a cure!

Submitted by Bob Hunley

This is so true, and often left unsaid for fear of insulting a man or woman of God.... The truth hurts and the struggle is real! Keep talking

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