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So, I am sitting here waiting for a person to walk through the doors to get tested. I have everything laid out and ready to go. You know how we do when we are getting ready to go out to a dance or a party…our clothes all laid out on the bed and our smelling good stuff right there. So, I have the test kit, gauge, cotton balls, alcohol pads, and a gift card there also. The sad part is that I have been sitting here for exactly 59 minutes and no one walked through the doors. No, let me correct that! No one walked through my door that leads to HIV Testing. Is it me? What really goes through a person’s head when they see the sign clearly at the counter and it says FREE TESTING TODAY WITH A FREE GIFT CARD!

Is it the Stigma? Is it Fear? Is it Ignorance? What in the world could allow a person to sleep around unprotected, take an ex back that knowingly had sex with another female who is a stripper, or ignore the fact that their partner is bi-sexual?

Sonya Mallard

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Submitted by katie06

I think you listed the very reasons people don't get tested.  I also think many people think it can't/won't happen to them. 

But know that the work you are doing is so important and vital to ending the epidemic.  So please keep up the awesome work you are doing!

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