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The Reunion Project : COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and People Living with HIV: Information and Support Webinars (March 20 and March 24, 2020)

via The Reunion Project and PWN-USA

The Reunion Project is the national alliance of Long-Term Survivors that serves as a convener, connecting individuals and communities. We are all feeling the stress and worry of today - and many of us are feeling anxious and even experiencing trauma as the events and personal stories unfold surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak,...

WEBINAR: Guide to State-level Organizing: HIV Criminalization and Reform (March 25, 2020)

March 25, 2020
3:00 PM ET
via The Center for HIV Law & Policy and the Positive Justice Project Advisory Group

Please join us to:

  • Review guiding principles for building local leadership and direct advocacy strategies to end disease-specific criminal laws
  • Learn about reforms that didn't go far enough and the
  • ...

Reunion Latina 2020 (March 19 - 20, 2020)

March 19-20, 2020
New York, NY
via Latino Commission on AIDS

The Latino Commission on AIDS has hosted Reunion Latina since 1996 and has provided a space for providers and stakeholders to discuss ways to improve services, share strategies on how to overcome health challenges, unify our efforts to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, address viral Hepatitis and STIs and craft a common vision to eliminate health disparities in...

Registration Now Open: National Hispanic/Latinx Health Leadership Summit (March 2-3, 2020)

March 2 - 3, 2020
2:00pm EDT
via Latino Commission on AIDS

The National Hispanic/Latinx Health Leadership Summit will focus on critical national health issues and recommendations on HIV, viral hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), substance use and mental health. The purpose for developing a National Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda is to provide a national framework that will contain short, medium and long-term objectives, and recommendations...

Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV - October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019

PWN established October 23 as a Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV in 2014 in the wake of two brutal murders of women following disclosure of their HIV status. Over the past five years, we have used the Day of Action to raise awareness to the many different forms of violence faced by women and people of trans...

Through Positive Eyes Opening Celebration - October 5, 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019
6:00 - 9:00pm
Fowler Museum
308 Charles E Young Drive North
Los Angeles, CA 90024

via Fowler Museum at UCLA

A Girl Like Me blogger Porchia Dees featured in the opening night celebration of "Through Positive Eyes: Our Photos | Our HIV Stories"

Photography, video, and live storytelling components produced by people living with HIV and AIDS offer intimate access...

WEBINAR: The U=U Message and Movement - October 3, 2019

October 3, 2019
2:00pm EDT
via Latino Commission on AIDS

U=U is a growing international movement to share the fact that people living with HIV on treatment with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV to sexual partners. U=U is based on the principle that all people living with HIV have a right to accurate and meaningful information about their social, sexual, and reproductive health based on science...

Webinar: HIV Criminalization Reform: Repeal, Modernization, or Another Path? - August 8, 2019

August 8, 2019
2:00pm ET
via AIDS United

Join AIDS United on Thursday, August 8 for the webinar HIV Criminalization Reform: Repeal, Modernization, or Another Path?

Panelists will explore the wide-reaching impacts of HIV criminal laws, the different community solutions to end HIV criminalization, and best practices for advocates.



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Racial and Ethical Considerations around Breast/Chestfeeding for Women and other Parents Living with HIV - August 25, 2022

Flyer for August 25 Breast/Chestfeeding webinar.August 25, 2022
1:00 pm ET
via Iris House and The Well Project

Presented by Ciarra "Ci Ci" Covin, this webinar will increase knowledge about the need to center women and other birthing parents living with HIV in breast/chestfeeding clinical research, policy, and practice.

Let's Talk About Sex! 2022 - August 25 - 28, 2022

Flyer for "Let's Talk About Sex!" 2022 Conference.

August 25 - 28, 2022
Dallas, Texas, US
via SisterSong

Members of The Well Project's team look forward to joining our partner organizations SisterSong and The Afiya Center at the conference, and are thrilled to present a workshop on "Sexual and Reproductive Health, Pleasure, and Justice for Women with HIV" at the event! We hope to see you in Dallas!

Women Living, Learning, and Working with HIV / Mujeres viviendo, aprendiendo, y trabajando con VIH - June 15, 2022

Flyer for SHE/HER/THEY event.Wednesday, June 15, 2022
1:00 – 2:30pm ET | 10:00 – 11:30am PT

A virtual discussion featuring a panel of women living with HIV highlighting their experiences related to seeking work or education. / Una discusión virtual con un panel de mujeres con VIH que destacaran sus experiencias relacionadas con la búsqueda de trabajo o educación.

CROI 2022: Global Advocates Offer Insights and Directions on the Science and Next Steps Needed - April 27, 2022

AVAC logo.April 27, 2022
9:30 - 11:00am ET
via AVAC

Following a brief overview of some of the most notable science presented at CROI 2022, a panel of community discussants from around the world will unpack findings from the conference, share perspectives, and offer advocacy suggestions. Topics will span science presented on HIV prevention and treatment, HIV and aging, HIV cure, and COVID-19 - among other topics.

Here's the Tea: Mythbusting Maternal HIV Health - April 15, 2022

Flyer for event with headshots of Cynthia Gutierrez and Myriam Johnstone and event details.

April 15, 2022
4:30pm PT | 7:30pm ET
via Black AIDS Institute

The Black AIDS Institute is conducting a webinar focused on debunking misconceptions around maternal HIV health and highlighting key research. The webinar will also include a case study of a patient-centered program out of the University of California San Francisco, which provides care exclusively to pregnant people living with HIV.

Grace Project National Conference for Women Living with HIV April 29-May 1, 2022

The goal of the Grace Project National Conference for Women Living with HIV is to SEE (Support, Educate and Empower) each woman and create future advocates for  HIV prevention, health education and awareness. At the Grace Project Conference participants learn about health issues pertaining to their diagnosis directly from medical experts and their peers.  Women gain valuable skills in discussion groups, workshops, team-building challenges, and more. The 3-day weekend at the...

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