Nametag for Strategies for an HIV Cure 2023 conference that reads "Bridgette Picou, The Well Project".

HIV cure research is a complex topic on many levels. The Well Project stakeholder liaison Bridgette Picou sums up her experience attending a meeting of passionate HIV cure advocates.

People at a march holding signs that say "Silence = Death" and "AIDS: WHERE IS YOUR RAGE? ACT UP"

Members of The Well Project's community packed the roster of interviewees for a New York Magazine feature highlighting women living with HIV in honor of World AIDS Day 2023.

Flyer with event details.

Watch the December 2023 episode of Leadership Exchange LIVE: In this practical, dynamic conversation, two Black women experts lift up the unique needs, priorities, and insights of Black women living with and vulnerable to HIV.

Masonia Traylor, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Ciarra "Ci Ci" Covin.

A short documentary film, coming to Hulu on World AIDS Day 2023, highlights the impact of HIV on Black women in the rural US South and features multiple members of The Well Project's community.

Flyer with event details.

Watch the October 2023 episode of Leadership Exchange LIVE, which features four experts taking a deep dive into menopause among women living with HIV.

Logs for USCHA and The Well Project.

The Well Project community members were all over the US's largest HIV community meeting – presenting sessions, building community, doing some fierce organizing, and more.

Maxine Waters speaking at a podium.

Rep. Maxine Waters' speech at the U.S. Conference on HIV/AIDS was powerful – and included some stigmatizing (and preventable) language concerns. The Well Project's stakeholder liaison, Bridgette Picou, shared her take on

The Dandelions together at USCHA 2023.

At the US Conference on HIV/AIDS, a group of lifetime survivors of HIV took the stage to demand attention for their needs. Grissel Granados, The Well Project's deputy director, wrote about the moment's importance for

Headshots of A Girl Like Me co-hosts with details of event.

Watch a very special episode of A Girl Like Me LIVE – three lifetime survivors of HIV discuss the importance of identity, language, their growing movement, and more.

Marissa Gonzalez and logos for USCHA and The Well Project.

"Upon hearing the title, I expected to hear about some form of injection as a cure, similar to a vaccine. But I was quite mistaken."


Members of The Well Project community at USCHA 2022.

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Decidir cómo alimentar a su bebé puede resultar confuso para los padres viviendo con VIH. Lea más sobre los beneficios y los retos de la lactancia materna/dar pecho.

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