The Well Project Annual Report 2020 with art of a woman sitting on bed with a laptop by Farah Jeune.

The Well Project is excited to launch our 2020 Annual Report and provide you with a chance to learn about our efforts and accomplishments last year.

Side ack view of woman sitting at desk looking at computer screen with zoom squares.

Read about sessions of interest from the International Workshop on HIV & Women 2021, including a presentation by The Well Project's own Krista Martel!

Two women, one in medical garb, seated, facing each other, with the words Conference Highlights.

Read summaries of studies from the world’s leading HIV research meeting, written by members of our staff and CAB and covering topics of concern to our communities.

Flyer for webinar containing title, logos, date, times & headshots of cohosts, speaker & panelists.

In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) on March 10, we invite you to join us in a livestream conversation led by women who grew up living with HIV.

The Well Project logo: 5 brightly colored woman symbols in a row.

The Well Project, a non-profit organization working to change the course of the HIV pandemic though a unique and comprehensive focus on women, today announced several important changes to the Board of Directors and additions to the team.

Infant breastfeeding.

North American experts weigh in on the role of breast feeding in the lives of mothers with well-controlled HIV.

The Well Project logo with press release language and blue border.

Parents with HIV in the US and Canada must have access to information, support, and tools to make informed infant-feeding decisions. Sign on to a statement promoting progress on this issue.

Art by Farah Jeune: people marching with BLM & other signs & woman's face overlaid by colorful flag.

The Well Project is pleased to share our 2019 Annual Report: Virtual Connection, Real Impact, highlighting our efforts and accomplishments from last year.

AIDS 2020 conference flyer with woman smiling and laptop on table.

Read summaries of AIDS 2020 sessions on topics of interest to our communities, including stigma; youth; sexual health, rights and pleasure; and more.

Profile of person in headwrap and mask with a microphone being held to her face by someone's hand..

We asked participants and presenters at the virtual International AIDS Conference what was compelling to them about the gathering. Here are their responses.


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