Crowd at 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit and screen that reads "Sex is Natural, Sex is Fun".

The agenda for the 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April promised a gathering that would "focus on consensual sex in all of its iterations." The Well Project community advisory board chair Marissa Gonzalez was in attendance at the summit; as you will learn from her session summaries, the event did not disappoint!

Flyer for event.

The Well Project's stakeholder liaison, Bridgette Picou, LVN, ACLPN is joined by long-time The Well Project collaborator and fierce advocate, Gina Brown, RSW to discuss different types of loneliness, factors unique to women that can increase these feelings, and the importance of building community as we age with HIV.

Logos for CROI, The Well Project, and IWHW.

This was the first in-person gathering for both conferences since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and members of The Well Project's community were on hand. Read on for multiple authors' perspectives on these two fascinating – and distinct – research meetings.

Bridgette Picou, LVN and logos for the conference and The Well Project.

At some point, the refusal to change the language starts to feel more like disrespect and less like old habits – which is one of the excuses I heard for the behavior. I do believe language is behavior, not just a tool for communication. The science community needs to do better.

Bridgette Picou, LVN and logos for the conference and The Well Project.

How is health misinformation a public health threat? An example would be the estimate that more than 300,000 deaths could have been prevented by vaccinations people didn't get because of refusing vaccines. It also erodes public trust.

Flyer for SHE/HER/THEY event with speakers' headshots and logos of The Well Project & The Afiya Center.

Únase a The Well Project y The Afiya Center durante la Semana de la Salud Materna Negra 2023 para una conversación esclarecedora sobre los beneficios del apoyo de doula para las mujeres negras y otros padres que dan a luz que viven con el VIH.

Flyer for SHE/HER/THEY event with speakers' headshots and logos of The Well Project & The Afiya Center.

Join The Well Project and The Afiya Center during Black Maternal Health Week 2023 for an illuminating conversation about the benefits of doula support for Black women and other birthing parents living with HIV.

Ciarra "Ci Ci" Covin and Lealah Pollock, M.D.

Physician Lealah Pollock, M.D., and advocate Ciarra "Ci Ci" Covin explain how recent changes to U.S. perinatal HIV guidelines reveal an important shift in how we fundamentally approach the clinician-patient relationship with pregnant and infant-feeding people who are living with HIV.

Katie Willingham

Just as nature is conquerable, so too are women also oppressed, creating social structures and expectations where women are more dependent on environment. Yet, that environment they need is compromised and destroyed.

Ciarra Covin and Ana Puga, MD.

Overall, the International Workshop on HIV & Women 2023 was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many other advocates and stakeholders from across the world whose work I have only had a chance to admire from online.


Members of The Well Project community at USCHA 2022.

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