Infant breastfeeding.

North American experts weigh in on the role of breast feeding in the lives of mothers with well-controlled HIV.

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Parents with HIV in the US and Canada must have access to information, support, and tools to make informed infant-feeding decisions. Sign on to a statement promoting progress on this issue.

Art by Farah Jeune: people marching with BLM & other signs & woman's face overlaid by colorful flag.

The Well Project is pleased to share our 2019 Annual Report: Virtual Connection, Real Impact, highlighting our efforts and accomplishments from last year.

AIDS 2020 conference flyer with woman smiling and laptop on table.

Read summaries of AIDS 2020 sessions on topics of interest to our communities, including stigma; youth; sexual health, rights and pleasure; and more.

Profile of person in headwrap and mask with a microphone being held to her face by someone's hand..

We asked participants and presenters at the virtual International AIDS Conference what was compelling to them about the gathering. Here are their responses.

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In response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Well Project launched Stay Well at Home with The Well Project, on April 8.

Headshot of The Well Project's Executive Director, Krista Martel.

The executive director of The Well Project shares what motivates her to stay in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Illustration of several hands holding hearts.

The Well Project's Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) is highlighted in this POZ article about challenges for women aging with HIV and the need for more research

Colorful representation of group of people.

POZ highlights our survey Together We Are…Making an Impact 

Two women sitting next to each other, the photo cut off just above their noses.

Wise words and advice from several CAB members and A Girl Like Me bloggers in this great Cosmopolitan Magazine feature for AIDS Awareness Month


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Learn what drug interactions are, how to recognize them, and what types of substances, including street drugs, interact with HIV drugs.