As we hit 2020 I have a few things to share with you. Things I hope for you to carry with you into 2020. Finding this community of women to share with and be open with has been such a blessing. I'm so grateful to the Well Project for being an open and reliable resource for help navigating this life. Thank you to all who have shared your stories. It is a beautiful thing to not feel so alone. Have the most amazing year my friends in this journey that is life with HIV.

My 5 wishes for you all!

  1. BELIEF- In yourself, in your abilities, in your power. Belief that you matter and deserve a beautiful life.
  2. POWER- The power to step into your best self. To move things. To shake things. The power to use your voice for what you need.
  3. PEACE- In your spirit. In your heart and in your mind. Peace to calm and steady the storms. Peace to overcome the chaos life brings.
  4. JOY- To light the dark days. To overcome depression and sadness. To mend the broken spaces. With JOY I wish you LAUGHTER to replenish the joy when it runs low.
  5. TRUTH- For you to stand in. For you to stand behind. For you to stand up for.

My forever TRUTH gift to you for 2020 is that you may know and BELIEVE in the powerful knowledge that you have HIV and it does not have you. It does not define you, make you, break you or control you. You are bigger, stronger, and more worthy than it can ever take from you. You matter more than it does. You are beautiful and strong and resilient in spite of and because of your HIV. You may THRIVE rather than just survive if you give yourself the POWER to believe it, walk in PEACE with it and throw JOY at it every time it tries to defeat you.

You matter and I believe in who you are. I'm glad to be in this journey with you.

Happy 2020 Ladies. It is yours to conquer.




Thank so much for sharing

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Thank so much for sharing this, for I call it 5 power changer. Happy New Year 


Thank you.

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Joy to you


Thank you, Red!! Happy New

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Thank you, Red!! Happy New Year!! <3 



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