Submitted on Jun 3, 2011 by  jae001

I am not sure why I do this. I avoid getting my lab work done. I avoid going to the doctor. I always reschedule. I take my medication and NEVER miss a dose. I just don’t want to go every 3 months. It just seem like it is too much. Why not every 6 months? I feel as if we should go out for coffee instead of talking about my health. I am fine. I should be glad to hear those words every time I go. Can’t they just look at my labs and if there is something concerning then call me to make an appointment. I feel my doctor looks at my labs and says everything looks about the same. Then we talk about everything else, my kids, my job, and my family…etc… ((SIGH)) Seems like a waste of time.

Just had to vent, thanks


Submitted by fifi

my doctor visit is in 2 weeks time i must say i enjoy going there coz we just talk not about my status or results how i have been up to since my last visit.sometimes he even calls me just to check up on how i am doing i wouldnt change my doctor for anything even though we live in different provinces i dont mind going to him for check up and if i cant go i let him know then he will give me my lab results over the phone then i will call the surgery to schedule my next appointment after 3 months

Submitted by fifi

Thanks for sharing your concerns. Talk with your doctor, perhaps every 6 months would work for you. You seem to have an open dialogue with your doctor as you stated you talk about others things during your visit.

I am a 26 year survivor and there was a time when every 3 months was extremely important. Today, many things have changed. Your doctor might be reguired by a grant or by insurance regulation to see you every 3 months. I am not sure but talk with them. I am sure you could come up with a solution.

Good Luck and take care!

Submitted by celina5000

How lovely to have a doctor who is concerned about your every day life and not just numbers on a piece of paper. peace Gisele

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