Celebrating Milestones Living with HIV

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I never imagined that I would witness what I have within the past month... My twins' (my preemie firstborns) Senior Prom and their graduation from high school... My 17 year old finished her two years of cosmetology school... and let me not forget... Registering my 4.5 year old at her elementary school for Kindergarten and her Preschool graduation. To think my OBGYN who gave me my HIV diagnosis eight years ago suggested I tie my fallopian tubes...

August is not only my poziversary, my youngest, my own and my twins' birthdays, but it will mark four years since I bought the house my daughters and I call HOME.

To be seeing my ID doctor not every three - four, but every six months now... to STILL be undetectable and to have seen a CD4 of 1000. Just today another milestone: a CD4% of 45%. Other than working on my cholesterol, my health just WOWs me.





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I love this post.  How uplifting. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and love the recognition you pay to the "Posiversary"  That will be my new word.  I have prviously always felt so negatvily about July/August (2008 when I first had my acute infection) and October (2008 when I was finally diagnosed.  But I am also doing great, and just watched my boy graduate kindergartern. We are gonna be OK, right!!!!!

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Congratulations on all of

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Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I've been living 25 years HIV+ and my mother said she was told that I would not live to see 5. Although my mother did succumb to this disease 14 years ago, I'm still here and I'm still fighting. Keep forward in positivity sister!



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Congratualtions to you - for being an incredible woman and mother!  You are showing your children strength and determination :)  You also deserve some credit for raising such great children!


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