Expect...... The Unexpected?

Submitted on Oct 16, 2023 by  AhmazinAshley


A Girl Like Me blogger Ashley and her husband at their baby shower.

Hello, My Good People. It has been a while. I hope you have missed me as much as I've missed you.

I am here to share the great news that I'M EXPECTING!!! Of course, some of you reading this may have known that already, LOL!

Per my last blog, last November I lost my pregnancy. Then when I found out I was pregnant again a few months later, I CRIED LIKE A BABY! I CRIED THE WHOLE DAY! I even called my therapist. My mind had filled with so much fear of possibly losing a child again, soon after I just lost one. Can anyone relate to this? I'm sure you can.

My husband and I kept it to ourselves for the first trimester. We just wanted to take it a moment at a time. I didn't really start to get excited until I was nearing the end of the first trimester. We surprised both of our moms with the news on Mother's Day. It was a nice Mother's Day too.

I kind of announced my pregnancy when I turned five months. I was in New Orleans at the time, walking through Bourbon Street. I WAS FEELING MYSELF, OKAY!!! Plus, I had just found out the sex of my baby before my trip.

Fast forward to now; I'm 36 weeks. My due date is November 12, but this baby is big y'all. I had my last ultrasound on October 12, and he was 5lbs and 5oz already. I wobble when I walk; you see my stomach before you see me; I must lift my stomach just to stand up; oh, and I'm out of breath every 5 minutes. Not to mention, I have an active toddler boy who insists on climbing up and down my stomach.

We plan on breastfeeding this baby. We truly appreciate the personal testimony, studies, webinars, and research around breastfeeding with HIV. We just had our baby shower, which is the picture you see here. We're looking forward to our Baby BOY joining us soon.

I shared this story to share how truly amazing God is! It may be difficult at times, but we must have faith and trust his timing. He always has a greater plan than we do.

A special shout out to Ci Ci and The Well Project. We plan on breastfeeding this baby. We truly appreciate the personal testimony, studies, webinars, and research around breastfeeding with HIV. You all are truly making an impact, and you are GREATLY appreciated.

I'll follow up with my journey with breastfeeding in a future blog.

Thank you for reading. God Bless You!

Submitted by tj30trust

Thank you for sharing your testimony! The Well Project is here as a resource and your sharing how they have helped you in your journey lets us all know we are on the right path. Welcome little one!

Submitted by Red40something

Congrats on your little one and thank you for sharing that part of yourself with us. We need these reminders of woman hood and joy behind these letters we all live with. Light and blessings to you, your hubby, and the baby!


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