Getting off My 19 Year Opioid Dependency

I guess I will go public about what is going on with me at this present moment. I hurt my back 19 years ago and couldn't walk for like 3 months. I was put on the worst medication: oxycodone. The doctor didn't explain it was like heroin!!! It helped with my pain and after the pain was gone I was still dependent. My body would go into withdrawls when I would try to stop it! They prescribed me 60 80 mgs of OxyContin and 120 30 mgs of oxycodone along the way.

I started with 5 mgs so I got myself off the Oxy 80s and for the last three months I have been tapering off with the help of amazing doctors at Midland Medical Center, Dr. Sarah long and Dr. Lee. Now I am down to 5 mgs where I started! Tomorrow I was supposed to take my last 5 mgs, but I can't because I am speaking in a panel and also speaking alone in the first digital conference / summit in the globe! My first day will be Saturday and trust me I have been having withdrawals tapering down and my brain is freaking out knowing that I will no longer give it what I have been giving it for 19 years!!!!

I am a strong warrior and I refuse to enter 2020 with the beast that this medication is. Please send me love and light and prayers. I will soon be free... It's another battle that I will win and I know that I will suffer!

I got prescribed the first FDA approved medication for withdrawals called Lucemyra that slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. I'm scared, but I will accomplish this by any means necessary! My partner will take care of me. Sooooon I will be free and hopefully I can come in and tell you all how it’s going! Maybe even video journal my experience.




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