Submitted on Dec 30, 2011 by  katie06

As the holidays begin to wind down, I reflect on all the gifts I have received. My gifts have not been merely material items, but also supportive family and amazing opportunities. Could I also consider HIV a gift? While certainly not a “gift” in the sense of something one desires, but rather in the sense that it has brought greater clarity and meaning to my life.

I consider the future MUCH more that I ever did prior to my diagnosis. This helps me make better choices. I think of my family first, because I now realize that I am fortunate and should not take them for granted. I think of the voice I have been given and the influence that I could have (if I allow myself).

As I reflect on my gifts, I realize that I also need to give more. I need to give more to the HIV community. For the last few years, I have been coping with shock, anger and finally acceptance. This year...I will give more.

Submitted by justdreamingjenn

What a wonderful way of thinking now that you have accepted the diagnosis. I'm sure your family is proud of you as well.

Submitted by celina5000

Katie06, what a wonderful resolution you've planned for yourself. I know there's always time for crying and whining; but our dreams need our attention more.

Thank you for sharing your plans, because I know I need to be reminded to live my life the best way I can no matter what HIV wants to do with this body.

I love the water, but I live in the Canadian prairies and there's lots of ice, and not a drop of flowing water. This year I celebrated my 54th birthday, I've had HIV for 27 years. I said to myself, if I don't get to the ocean now, when will I? So, in a few short weeks, I"ll be leaving for the coast , where I have family and I am going to stay by the ocean for a month.

So Katie, we have to keep reminding ourselves and others: if there's a will there is a way!
Don't live a life of unfulfilled dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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