HIV and the Gut

So I've seriously been thinking... In October, 2015, I started to get REALLY sick. Couldn't hold food down, always nauseous or in the bathroom. Six ER visits and they still couldn't figure it out. GI did several tests, stool samples, the whole nine... still no idea. Two months later they determined my gallbladder needed to be removed.

Fast forward to May, 2016, seven months from onset of not feeling well, I was diagnosed as HIV positive. I am PRETTY SURE I was never tested for HIV and I seriously started thinking, were all my issues caused by the introduction of HIV into my system? Was I in the seroconversion phase?! Should I still have my gallbladder?!

I'm no doctor but I definitely think there's a connection.

Moral of the story, why isn't HIV general practice? Just because I'm a heterosexual woman and was at the time in a relationship, doesn't mean, pardon my french, shit!

When will society understand, no one is immune!?




I went through the same sort

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I went through the same sort of thing. I have no idea how long I have had it. It could be more anywhere from 4 to 8 years. I also went to the ER too many times to remember for years for strange things. I had my gall bladder removed and colonoscopy for my odd symptoms. That was in 2014. I did not find out I was HIV positive until May 2019 after demanding to be tested the second time I went in for yearly STD testing. I should have been tested years ago, I was high risk for STDS....I never even thought to make sure they tested me for HIV.. Health care workers need to testing for HIV to everyone, it does not discriminate!


Thanks for sharing

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Hey MT406,

Its crazy to me that doctors aren't comfortable having these conversations but it's so much bigger. They arent even comfortable with sexual health overall. I think once we remove the embarrassment and invasion of privacy mind frame some real work can begin happening. Now obviously sex isnt the only way to contract HIV but it's the highest % of transmission and humans are sexual beings. our medical providers have got to do better.


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