Blogging is something I've considered doing for a while however I didn't think it'd be this difficult. My name is Masonia, meaning "She Leads". However, somewhere along the way I got lost I think, maybe I was confused and got stuck or maybe I just took a breather as a pause. I just know that what typically came to me easily became challenging all of a sudden. Expressing my thoughts was suppressed by emotions of anger and utter disappointment which led to biting my tongue and not saying much at all. Sometimes not saying anything speaks louder than words. Quietness can sound very loud but in my case it started tugging on my heart. I  began to realize that having a voice unapologetically is my gift. So as I've taken time to adjust my crown after someone attempted to knock it off I'm ready for this Queen to use her voice as she adjusts crowns of other Queens.

I am MORE than how my diagnosis is defined. I am strength, dignity, love,  hope,  and light.  I Am "SHE LEADS".




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