I Do This Because of the Love I Have

I'm not changing who I am because of your fear. So last Sunday an article came out about HIV with a small portion about me with a picture. So read this, ok I choose to be a voice because of comments that reflect on the type of person I am or was. First of all, HIV doesn't have a type. I had unprotected sex with someone - that's the type. But a lot of us do. The only fault is not protecting me at all cost. That's all I ask, because just like it’s me, it could be you.

But the question I have is will you do what I do? I constantly put myself and my boys in a situation that can do harm to us but yet that doesn't stop us. During the journey I've had, Some Family have turned away. Some people that I called friends have turned away but yet that has not stopped me either. So you think for the sake of Love that I'm supposed to stop. Ha, funny thing is I do what I do because of LOVE. Because I'm a Loving person with a huge heart. That's why I take my meds, because you can never say I didn't protect you.

To me people don't understand the true meaning of LOVE. Love is not me being hidden from what’s real. GOD is LOVE. But I say this because I'm not afraid of what people think of me and don't care really. And if I'm not what you want in the light then you’re not what I want in the dark. That goes for anybody. Protect yourself at all cost and think if this was you, would you be a voice like me? And if your answer is no I wouldn't then be thankful that someone else is doing so it won't be you.

Stop judging people. Stop the Stigma. And educate yourself please. Times have changed from the 80s. Better to know than not know. By knowing you are helping yourself as well as others. Better ask about me cause I will not hide. Okay, thank you.



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