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Submitted on Nov 27, 2019 by  Nancy Duncan

I had an afterthought tonight. My son's father passed away about a month ago. We hadn't been together since 1984 so it wasn't hard to deal with, but it was sad because he was my first everything. The life we shared seemed like a lifetime ago. My son and I were kind of shocked because though he had been ill with lung problems for a long time, he passed away suddenly and we didn't expect that.

So earlier tonight I was thinking about a phone conversation I had with my ex-husband back in 1990 when I was first diagnosed with HIV. He was telling me he wanted to take full custody of our kid cause I was gonna die soon. I told him no way. We were staying with my very supportive mother and I didn't want to lose any more time with my son. It is ironic I guess that I outlived him and was able to keep my son home with me until he became an adult who is now 39 years old and the greatest blessing in my life.

I've outlived many folks I never thought I would. I'm grateful for it all. That's all.

Submitted by boseolotu

Sorry for your loss, dearest, yes life can be funny at times. I used to have some members of my support groups who's husbands or wives left them because of their positive HIV status.
And today those people are no more, but their ex- are well and healthy.
Do take care and enjoy life, because life is also beautiful and very Short.
Much Care

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