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How many things can I think of changing to make myself healthier? More water and less pop?  More exercise and less junk food? I cut out alcohol and started drinking more juice. Yes, it's depressing, but alcohol only makes my sadness and despair worse! I know it seems like the end of the world...the end of my sexuality...the end of me. BUT, it is not! It's just a challenge, a wake up call, a little bump in the road of life. Many are living MUCH longer than before. It's not a death's a call to be healthier, because NOW I must! More fruits and vegetables, more herbs and spices. I eat fresh foods and not processed, chemically enhanced, foods. Spicy foods rev up my circulation and cleanse the blood. I get that variety of color in my diet we all hear about and ignore. Red wine instead of hard liquor. I never smoked, so that's already a plus. I rest. If I'm tired, I sleep or eat some dark green veggies for my B vitamins. If I am depressed, I acknowledge it....this sucks...but it could be worse. My health is up to ME, and it's time I make good choices to live the life I want.




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Thank Linda i never used to mind my what i eat but now i will start opening my eyes.


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It does make a big difference, and you letting me know I helped you.....helps me. So thank you.
There are things we can do to improve the Natural functioning of our immune system. Good food, no chemicals (cleaners,pesticides,paint...all that junk), lots of herbs and spices.....water, healthy healthy healthy!

And love yourself and be happy as you can, as often as you can. Take joy in the simple things, what ever makes you laugh........fill your days with it!

Look for "Heal'thy" Self" by Paul Chhabra it's all about the immune system , and it's an easy read.....and no expensive suggestions or potions to buy.

EAT TO BE WELL, Peace, Linda


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