My Viral Load Drama

Submitted on Jan 16, 2020 by  Nancy Duncan

So I recently spiked a slight viral load and was unsure why because I never skip doses. I've been undetectable since 2003. I was told if you don't skip doses you won't become resistant to your antivirals. Not true for me. I have been on the same regimen for 15 years: Kaletra and Epzicom. My doctor did a genotype to identify my resistances. I knew already that I had a lot and it turns out I'm resistant to 75% of all that are currently available. So before anything gets out of control I will be switching to Presista, a Norvir booster and Biktarvy. I hope this will work for me and get me back to under 20 copies again.

It's a bit scary, and of course I have anxiety cause it's been so long since I've had a medication change (15 years). So as an HIV advocate, I like to share some of my journey with others. I'll keep you all posted. I didn't expect this but I guess with HIV disease anything can happen. So I'm asking again for prayers. I don't want to ever go back to the horrors of my early diagnosis 30 years ago. 


Submitted by Angel S.

Hi Nancy, Its been a minute, I am sorry your experiencing this. I miss doses and its one of my worst fears .I try to stay adherant as I can however due to situations I have missed doses. I wanted to take a vacation at one point from taking them because I just could not remember and I have been on meds since 2006 undetectable at the first thirty days. Now Im doing good again with adherence and I remain undetectable. God willing you will return to the same with the new meds, this helps me to see each of us is different so staying involed in my care and being honest about missed doses with my doctor is the right choice for me. Thank youfor sharing your story. Life is a gift and I try to treat it as such. Sending you support and hugs Angel S.


Submitted by Nancy Duncan

Hi Angel, I just saw your comment I'm sorry it took so long to respond. My viral load is undtectable now and I'm doing okay. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope your well, love ya girl!

Submitted by drerp3

Nancy, I believe that part is medicine and most is your attitude toward the virus. Nancy, you are such a beautiful woman and your spirit is so uplifting. You are a giver and that makes a big difference. Praying for you.

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