That One Thing

Submitted on Sep 7, 2023 by  EnoughIsEnough

We all have that one thing in common. The person we were before diagnosis and now as a +Supergirl. There's that one experience that only we know how it feels. That first time we looked eye to eye with ourselves and had to own the fear of our new reality. That surreal mental ownership that we each must take of a life we had not anticipated or prepared for. And now we all have that one thing that we didn't know we had before.


Hand with heart bracelet in back pocket of pants.


If you are here at this moment, that thing is what got you here. You have a superpower within you even when you are exhausted, or afraid, or angry, or bitter. It's there holding you up even if you can't feel it. It's amazing and it's up to you what the potential of its strength is. It's yours and it's time to recognize and embrace it because it's the reason you're here today.

It's your superpower and you can be sure no matter how small it may seem, you've got some in your back pocket. Regardless of your spiritual direction, this is the divine within.

So, reach within, embrace your faith in yourself and thank her for getting you this far!

Submitted by EnoughIsEnough

Since there aren't any other options (after the denial stage, of course), we need find pride in our survival & own every phase and aspect of it!

Submitted by Ci Ci

reminder to self: my superpowers don't go away just because i find myself exhausted and realize i can't do everything. got it. thank you so much for this post! 

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