Self worth

Submitted on Feb 11, 2011 by  tatty2gud

Should I settle for less coz I have a deadly virus which has unsuccessfully tried to kill me for the past 9yrs, made me a stronger and better woman, taught me to take better care of myself and loved ones? Should I really settle for a mediocre relationship coz I'm afraid of rejection? Do I not deserve the fairy tale wedding with prince charming and all...?

My loss of self worth has nothing to do with the virus, but everything to do with how I react to the virus. My fear of rejection has little to do with the virus.

Its up to me to stop giving this virus more credit that its worth. I'm a Diva, and I won't leave my fate in the incapable hands of a parasite.

Stand up Diva and take your place

Submitted by fifi

we deserve the best ladies and i always tell myself that i will settle for less becoz i have a virus. i believe God is always on my side and he wants the best for me.i believe the virus wont kill me coz if it kills me it will also die and i am very sure it doesnt want to die

Submitted by celina5000

Tatty2gud, you most definitely deserve the best, why should you"settle" for anything less than what you truly want?

I remember years ago, the popular phrase in talking about HIV was (maybe it still is) I'm HIV positive, as though I were a germ. Since then I have always been careful to put this germ in its place. I am NOT HIV, the virus, but I do have the virus. Indeed, don't let the parasite run your life! Peace and good vibes, Gisele

Submitted by fifi

You deserve the best and do not settle for less! This is something I am trying to convince my sister who too has this virus to do! Do not be miserable and lonely just because you are afraid of being alone. Life is too short even without this virus and you have the unique ability to decide how you live, not the virus. Enjoy life and go find Prince Charming because he is out there even if you have not met him yet. I know the stigma that is still associated with this disease is still out there, but if you don't live and give it your best chance, you will never know what or who is out there waiting for someone just like you! Be the Diva you are and stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours-life while you have it! I say that not because of the virus but because tomorrow may rob the innocent of a life and everyone deserves the chance to be HAPPY!

Submitted by fifi

why do you want to be anything less than who you have always been........STAND UP diva!!!Divinely. Inspired. Victoriously. Assured....*****

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