A queen and a #boss!

A Diamond will never compare to glass from a bottle! Just wish them well! Truthfully from your heart, release all negativity and you will start to get your light back and rise like the River Phoenix.

Never regret anything! You have leveled up... You are more aware of what was so predictable and most importantly, as the toxicity literally leaves, and no one is sucking off yours! You feel free and healthy – "damn, what a ride it was, and I came through with so much knowledge that I feel so proud of myself." Don't lose hope in humanity and understand that some people are not where you're at and maybe they will never be (NOT YOUR PROBLEM)! You have to protect your light and energy from those empty vessels that suck you dry. This goes for any situation in life! Job, people, family, partners, etc.! All you can do is pray for the next one to survive it all and come out stronger and never look back. Fly butterfly, you acquired more wisdom and you are now just trying to live your best life and hope that even your enemies and people that love you make it! The ones who envy us… I hope their hearts change. Just try to be happy! That's all that humans look for anyway! Watch patterns, you cannot fix anyone. Fix yourself and focus on how exciting your next chapter will be. Fix that crown and never let anything or anyone that is a pure mess ever tamper with that; live and let live! Have fun because life is short and spend time with likeminded people that have high vibrations! You cannot make a person that is in low vibration expect to be compatible to you in any way... been there, done that! Have no time for drama... if you stay around toxic energy, you risk the chance of becoming toxic yourself and that is not the path I ever want to live.

I am blessed beyond measure and I was chosen by God for a huge mission - and no one can come between that, because you are so lost in the fog of that low vibration world! My best advice is: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE *literally* - you are worthy and beautiful! You are accomplished and have a beautiful soul with a little bad side, but with a lot of LOVE and LIGHT.




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