Submitted on Jul 5, 2022 by  Marig2016


A Girl Like Me blogger, Marissa.

I haven't written in what feels like an eternity; not even sure I've written something that's been publicly shared at all in 2022...

I knew I was struggling and even had an accountability party who was also feeling similar emotions with writing. Mission not accomplished because, well, life... Today on July 4, the day that represents "FREEDOM," I'm choosing to break my silence.

I've had some major life changes the last few months and to say stressed and depressed, well those would be understatements. But today I'm not breaking my silence for me, but for WE.

"We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it."

While I thank the men and women who fought for freedom, the real war is here in America.

When women can make choices about their own bodies is when we are free.

When a person of black or brown descent can shop/drive/eat/etc without breing profiled, we will be free.

When a family doesn't have to choose between housing/food/healthcare/etc is when we are free.

I can't celebrate a holiday that represents freedom when clearly it doesn't apply to all.

Many won't agree and that's ok, we aren't friends to be in agreement but for mutual respect and a desire to better our communities.

We must speak up, to use our voices - even then I'm not sure if things will change… Look how they haven't over the years, BUT we must keep fighting.

This shit has to end at home point… right?

Submitted by KimberlyC

Thank you for sharing! 

 first I would like to say that having an accountabilty party sounds dope, you might not feel that the mission was accomplished but for me you just gave me hope and a tool that I can use later when I get in my funk.

second I agree with you about what freedom means or what I dosent.


sending love and light 

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