Submitted on Nov 29, 2021 by  Marig2016


The day we all anticipate for yummy food and store deals but the one day out of the year where many intentionally pause to remember all they are thankful for!

Since the start of covid many of us have faced so many different battles outside of just covid. Physical, mental and emotional ones we often hide, but today is a day where we focus a little less on that.

A reminder to be thankful for the breaths we get to take, because we’ve felt what it's like to struggle to breathe.

The ability to see because our eyes have been filled with so many tears, that today our vision is a bit clearer.

For a giving heart because today someone's hands prepared this meal and the secret ingredient is love.

So today I give thanks, for all the giving I've received! I also give thanks for all the giving I've been able to do.

In life we become so comfortable in being the giver that we forget that we need to also be a receiver. The healthy balance of life!

So as much as you give from your cup, allow your cup to be poured into.

My dearest sisters! Brothers who may be reading this; YOU are my people! And today and everyday I am thank for you all.

Happy thanks-giving

Submitted by Red40something

Always the balance. The yin & yang. Thanks for the reminder to receive and give and to be thankful for both.

Submitted by Marig2016

you are so very welcome! I spent some time reflecting and this was on my hear to share. I hope that you were able to feel a sense of peace in your heart and enyou your thanksgiving with those who matter most! xoxo 

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