Why Going to Speak Up 2018 Women's Leadership Summit Means So Much to Me

A recharge. I have set things, people, friends, solidarity, women, and some of my sisters all in a space of chaos in my life. Fighting a fight others pretend is not here (mental health). It is here as an invisible illness, it's a fact as accurate as LUNG CANCER, can take your friends, mental health can kill them too.

You stand with me armed with leadership, integrity, compassion, understanding, and possibilities. I will not hide. I will fight! From afar YOU calm my inner being; helping myself (my experiences) to stare in the face of stigma and laugh; a belly laugh.

You taught me self care before I can help others.

So I am looking forward to being refueled with knowledge and motivation from my sisters. Wrapped in a solidarity of sisterhood I once never imagined. I can not imagine being without you in this now... I am excited to come together again for Speak Up! 2018.

Thank you ladies for helping me find my voice. WE will stand up, WE will be heard.

Together we can!

Stay Beautiful <3 See you at The Summit!!! xoxox




Wonderful to meet you in person

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It was wonderful to meet you in person and hear your strength and your story.  You are powerful and I know you will do amazing things.  I hope we get to see each other again soon.



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