Why is it so difficult to spread the word?

Submitted on Jul 16, 2010 by  linda1st

I have been trying to Volunteer! Trying to teach, enlighten, inspire, and console. Why is everything doom and despair? 

If you're on meds, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. EAT Good Foods! Use coconut oil!!!  Quit Smoking, Quit regular alcohol consumption.  Do you want to be healthy?  YES YES YES!!!  Well, are you eating whole wheat bread?  Are you eating fresh vegetables and fruits?  Are you reading food labels????

IMPORTANT!  Food you microwave has no food value to heal the body. It's dead food.  Empty, cancer causing, calories. White flour makes great home made glue and paste.  GLUE AND PASTE.   Sure, pastry is wonderful, as a treat. Donuts are not a food group.  The more color the better. Cherries, Broccoli, carrots.....parsley in salads!   Kale is a miracle food.

So much sadness and despair, fear in the diagnosis.  I was too. Then I started reading...everything.  I made my own choices.  NO MEDS  (yet).  No one cares to hear about that, I become invisible.  I am not invisible!  I am here and I am screaming to you....you will be ok!  TRY TO EAT GOOD FOODS.  Even if you take meds,  EAT to LIVE....eat to heal.  NO pop. NO cigs. NO pesticides. No chemicals.  Become aware of your environment and take a stand.  Try to use natural cleaners  (vinegar and salt) and natural bug repellents, (eucalyptus and camphor/clove and cinnamon)  It's not a death sentence.When you calm down & get ready....arm yourself with a book about the immune system and kick the virus'  tushy!     Love you, with you, and want you to not be afraid.

AND LET GO OF STRESS!   It's killing all of us.

Submitted by bee2art

And exercise as well. Exercise helps with stress. In spite of all that effort: exercise, organic eating, limited alcohol, HIV prevails... I was able to stay off meds for six years because of my healthy lifestyle but didn't reach my goal of being a long term non-progressor. Still my good habits and positive attitude have helped in being 100% adherent with the meds. We must stay hopeful and choose to be happy!

Submitted by Angel S.

Hello  " How is it so hard to spread"
Great topic I love food and eating!!!

I absolutely love Food, real food. I was just talking to my partner about the value of what he eats for breakfast and lunch. McDonalds does not ( to me) constitute a lunch. Call me old fashion at the ripe age of 45 I prefer to make meals at home over going out. When I travel in town or out; I always have some food that would include fruit, nuts, or a homemade something that is easy to pop open and munch.
Beans are great even for breakfast!

I am one of those people who eats all the time. I am always hungry especially if I just eat on the run , microwave a meal or buy empty food. I Start each day with protein ( first hour  upon waking) and water 8 oz. I  make my salads with nuts and seeds w/ a protein on top; chicken, tuna, or fish. Baked not grilled.  Seeds, nuts, sliced fruit Yum ! I say put all that in a bowl pepper it or put onions or hott peppers on instead of dressings and you got a healthy snack/meal. I never add mayo to anything, even my tuna.

By the grace of my higher power ; I never liked cakes, pies, bread, anything to "goey or sweet" just turns my belly.
 Growing up I learned the value of eating right, better skin, hair, nails, concentration, respect for food and what its value is considering my state of mental health is much better with my diet. I may be rambling ( as I eat a spinach, onion, apple and plum mix ; all raw) , I will be hungry in a couple hours. I share this because I agree , its hard to get people to understand the essentials.

I am always asked , "How were you on drugs for 20+  years and look this way?"  I contribute eating right to this. Yes, I was a  drug addicted , in my life yet for some crazy reason I loved; ( even during my crazy years) to eat right and exercise everyday ( even high).

I am living HIV= and I have Lupus, overcame cancer, I have severe mental issues also. Eating right has been my go to besides community support groups , volunteering and exercise and the almighty SLEEP (so important) .

This brings me to my point, Balance is essential and living with a daily regimen of med's , sleep, nutrition, nutrition classes too,  spirituality and mental health appointments,adhearance and constantly learning I feel so much better on bad days when I hurt, I am afraid, I am depleted. I can move forward.
I am what I put in my body and that's usually tons of power food for this power house.

Good luck as I also will try to navigate those I come in contact with daily to eat right , get rest, take med's, exercise . They will then see the difference in their energy , mind and body.

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