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NOTE from the Editor: The Well Project is thrilled to be working together with AIDS United as a part of their "Access2Care" initiative to share the stories of several HIV positive women, their...
Submitted on Aug 8, 2012
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Washington D.C. last week was amazing. I showed up to the Bed & Breakfast we were staying at not knowing who anyone was. I seriously thought I was the only blogger there. At that point I still...
Submitted on Aug 6, 2012
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I am gearing up this summer to try to get so much done before school starts again. I swear there is just one more thing to do, just one. Will I spend quality time with my kids, or will there be just...
Submitted on May 25, 2012
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Sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth. How did you get it, how old were you? Do you have AIDS or just HIV? Really, just HIV? LOL are you sick? have you ever been really sick... so after 100...
Submitted on May 15, 2012
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I know it has been so very long since I have updated everyone. Where should I start. I am almost finished with my first year in nursing school, that is the reason I have been MIA. That is where I am...
Submitted on Apr 16, 2012
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What did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor, lawyer, actor, Mom, teacher? I am living proof that you can't let HIV steal your dreams. Sometimes I get into this self pity mode. When I take...
Submitted on Aug 16, 2011
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I am not sure why I do this. I avoid getting my lab work done. I avoid going to the doctor. I always reschedule. I take my medication and NEVER miss a dose. I just don’t want to go every 3 months. It...
Submitted on Jun 3, 2011
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Hello Everyone, Another Birthday is here again. Some women don't like getting older. I embrace every wonderful year! I am 41 years old today. What a life I have lead. I can actually say it has been a...
Submitted on Mar 24, 2011
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I am trying something new. I am taking time for me. I have a family that needs me and a job that is very demanding. I am finding myself resenting all of them. I love my family, but I really needed a...
Submitted on Feb 25, 2011
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I survived the Holidays… Yippeeeee! Now for the New Year! I always love family drama during the holiday (SARCASM), hateful things and actions with the MIL (Mother-in-law). Too bad she just can’t...
Submitted on Jan 4, 2011


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