The Well Project is thrilled to commemorate our 20th anniversary and the incredible ways we have been able to address educational gaps, foster community connection among women living with HIV, decrease stigma, expand leadership capacity, and advance research and policy over the past two decades — all while centering and lifting up the lived experiences of women living with HIV.

Hearts and Minds of The Well Project is a storytelling project that shines a spotlight on some of the extraordinary individuals who have been instrumental over the past 20 years in making The Well Project the organization it is today.

In less than a year, I'd established 15 support groups for Hope Worldwide in Nigeria. When it came to talking about women and young persons living with HIV, Hope Worldwide would call me to be the media face. They invited me to address donors. Then I became a resource person to the US embassy. … Dr. Sunday asked me, Have you ever boarded a flight before? I said, Me? Fly? He said, Bose, go and get an international passport, because you are going places.

Check out The Well Project's A Girl Like Me LIVE!, an interactive, livestreaming series created to advance health and wellness education among women living with and vulnerable to HIV. 

The Well Project compiled all our programs (including fact sheets, presentations, and more) on the crucial topic of infant feeding and HIV in this new resource page.

The Well Project is excited to launch BEEEBAH (Building Equity, Ethics, and Education on Breastfeeding and HIV)! This comprehensive, multi-tiered project expands upon our efforts to increase knowledge and expand access to information around breast/chestfeeding* and HIV. The program is part of our endeavors to address the lack of women-specific information and representation across all areas of HIV prevention, care, research, and policy.

The Well Project Leadership Exchange is a series connecting thoughtleaders in the HIV community to explore one another's work, activism, and personal experiences.

Find out more about breast/chestfeeding and HIV, ways to discuss this option with healthcare providers, and stories from women living with HIV who have breastfed their babies.

Learn how HIV and HIV drugs can affect the menstrual cycle, what else can cause menstrual problems, and how to deal with these problems.

Conozca las formas en que se pasa por alto a las mujeres mayores, a pesar ser vulnerables a adquirir el VIH, además de cómo el conocimiento es poder y la importancia de hacerse la prueba.