United States

Derinthia Williams began HIV advocacy in 2018. She provides education around HIV and AIDS to peers across the Atlanta area, using social media as a key way to educate her peers. She has experience in sexual health, harm reduction tips, and is certified in HIV testing and counseling. Derinthia is also trained to be a mandated reporter for the state of Georgia. She can identify victims of emotional abuses, drug addiction, and domestic violence.

Derinthia has opened her non-profit organization: Matter Over Mind: Chains for Change Inc.. She wants to create a safe space for battered youth and victims of abuse. Her main goal is to give youth an escape from their reality of a lifestyle. Derinthia is proud to say she helped create a policy brief for elected officials to change the HIV criminalization laws in Georgia. She is also one of the ambassadors for Black AIDS Institute. A mantra Derinthia lives by is, "HIV doesn’t define me, I’ve defined it. I am Born for this!"

Why Derinthia wants to be part of A Girl LIke Me: My mission for A Girl Like Me is to bring awareness to all that are feeling impaired in speaking and having their own voice. HIV doesn’t define you. You define it.