POWER: Melanated Women

Submitted on Sep 13, 2023 by  Godschild27

Oh dear melanin melanated skin
beautiful without and beautiful within
they could never comprehend what it's like to be a man or wo/man
hold on let me make this make sense
they said we came from the man rib but isn't that close to the womb
reproduction system or is we womb by system
and they say it's a man's world but it will be nothing without a wo/man or a girl.

Defined by the color or her skin destroyed by the injustice system.
Not given equal rights to the wo/man
they say we are strong but lies within a Wo/man
trying not to take defeat
a single mother trying not to be beat
by the white man I mean the right man
I mean betrayal by that nice man
they say ight man destroy the wo/men
dismantle her character
beat her till she black and blue
maybe she'll end up on the news with her son
take another life of a black man
because she couldn’t fight back man.

Hell any wo/men son would have put him beneath 6 feet deep.

We say we're fighting against an injustice system
designed for the black Wo/man or male to fail.

Tiffany spoke and said we have to take our space back
I mean black and beautiful in fact
we can't take that back
we are just that
if you ask me we fail ourselves
because we don't use the 5 Ps
proper speaking with etiquette or using our mind.

Don't mind my preparation,
preparing for the what is what was
and what's to come
preventing poor decision making and performance with accuracy:
the wo/man use these in everyday life
but don't get recognized for the beauty in her scars
all the stretch marks
if you didn't hear the black wo/man described as nothing
but she’s everything
when I mean everything she's everything
that's within around and about
so go on Wo/men you deserve that crown
wear it with a smile

Tiffany live black out loud
say it now
undetectable pusssssie women
wear the crown with a fucking smile!


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Submitted by Red40something

Beautiful and powerful and dope! That's all you! Such a pleasure to meet you in person and spend a little time. Blessings!

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