There's No Message Without a Mess and No Testimony Without a Test. Be Encouraged.

Submitted on Aug 28, 2019 by  Godschild27


Hello guys. I know it's been a while, but I been in complete meditation on blogging. I didn't know how to express the thing I was, and still am going through. However I came to drop a little encouragement to all you ladies on A Girl Like Me.

This has been a challenging year. I have fought so hard to be content and wait on the process. My life has been an obstacle course - trials after trials. Nevertheless it's been a trusting process; this year has taught me how to trust GOD. Although I had become a little bitter with this process, being homeless for almost 9 months, hearing my three little ones ask me, mom are we going to have a place soon? As a mom I'm stating to them, yes babies real soon. As months begin to pass, mom are we going to have a place soon? Still, it's yes babies real soon, but in my heart and head I'm like I really don't know, stressing like, GOD, you have to come through with this housing thing. HOPWA is really jacked up. Then this organization makes it even harder.

Geesh, in my head like I really feel like giving up, but I can’t, my kids, husband, and some of my peers are depending on me. See sometime going through a great amount of trials, GOD will raise you up in due season. I have fought hard and long living with HIV but that's never been the brunt of my problems. Being consistent in Advocacy, being a wife and a working mom, trying not to allow the distraction of these trials during present time to take me off course, which I think I do a pretty good job of masking. Masking is not always good, so I begin to seek wise counseling.

This process was never meant to destroy me, it was meant to build. Most women have different tasks in life, we wear so many hats that some of them just need to be put on a rack, to take that self-care time. I'm just writing to say I love you, whatever you're going through at this present moment, remember trouble don't last always. It's always a storm before a rainbow. Let your life be a testimony for someone else. Remember there's no testimony without a test and there's no message without a mess.

Submitted by ForeverTrue24

And that nobody is promised tomorrow and as we mostly wait til the storm is over, change your perspective and learn to dance in the rain. I truly love you as I have been going through this fight short time of the way with you and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart because even when I just dealt with my homelessness you opened your arms and doors as well as your family to my children and I and I will always be grateful and here if you ever need me. WE LIYT & I love you sis frfr xoxo

Submitted by kmartel

thank you for sharing, and I just want to say again how great it was to meet you. You are wise beyond your years, and we all have a lot to learn from you. I know things will take a turn for the better. xoxox

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