Hard Days Are Over, Better Days Are Present

Submitted on Jun 9, 2022 by  Godschild27

*This blog discusses intimate partner violence.*

If you are feeling threatened right now, call 911 or the National Domestic Violence hotline in the US at 800-799-SAFE [1-800-799-7233; or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)]. You can also search for a safe space online at Domestic Shelters.



A Girl Like Me blogger, Derinthia.

The pain in her eyes, the love in her smile. She makes a room move, her energy is just that smooth. She has gave till she can't give, she has loved till she wants to stop, but that is not optional. It was said that optional was the availability to be chosen, but not obligated. But unfortunately, Obligation came into place. Fake love is what they gave. Wondering was it really fake or was it another mother f*** trying to take my love away. Hell I get it. Say I hold you down. It's funny how you do that with your selfish act. I guess the demons you wrestle with I can no longer carry. Such a narcissist, alw,ays wanna control. Honestly I always thought you was Jealous. How could you be jealous of someone that you love, someone that you say you hug, someone that you say you'll never give up? Till that day I felt my breath go away, as you choked me, I felt like this is the end. No, no, in my head, please, damn, in my head who going to take care of my kids instead? As I hear a sound of my cousin in the back: let her go. As you squeeze tighter.

This is the day I get my life back, move forward and never look back. It may be hard some days, my kids looking at me like mom, you're ok? Pain in my eyes, tears I cry, look at my kids with no call to say I'm still alive. I am done, it is over, me and my kids are ready to take this world over. The hard days are finally over.

Submitted by Red40something

Thank you for sharing and reminding women that they are not alone in their (often) silent battles. Thank you for being transparent and transformative. Thank for breathing and holding on until you got to your better days. That's an example of hope and courageousness. Sending light and joy. 

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