Know Your Self Worth Regardless of Where You Came From!

Submitted on Apr 24, 2019 by  Godschild27

Just thinking about how my mom didn't get to accomplish things in life. Dying from AIDS and leaving me to survive with the virus. I live because she made a decision not to live. I love because she made the choice not to love. I sacrifice because she made the choice not to sacrifice her life to be here for mine. At the age of 28 she died. I thought for many years that it was selfish of her to leave me and my siblings to fend for ourselves. 28 I will be, and I sometimes think and wonder if I will live or pass at that age. Never to see my kids go to college, see my grandkids, grandkids' kids. I shall win because I believe in God and UEqualsU. Despite the decisions she made I will never make the same mistake. Identifying self worth I call it. I'm doing things she never did: ambassador, traveling, motivational speaker, a business, etc... I can't blame her really because the stigma back in her days was crazy, I can only imagine. I shall be that little light on the hill that shines as the word of God says. She passed the torch and I'm going to light the fire.

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