I Cry

Submitted on Apr 5, 2019 by  Godschild27

One day I was sitting in my room, and I began to cry. Like why me why me. I’m the one that’s living with HIV. I have 5 other siblings, that don’t even have to deal with the hurt the pain not even the grief. From what I see they could never understand me. So I cry because of all the lies and the Deceit. I cry because all the false words the doctors told me: you are not going to live to see 3,5,8,10,16,21, so I cried because I’m about to turn 28 and forbidding all the lies and Asinine, nuanced words they say. I cry for every woman, boy, and girl that feels HIV cannot be beaten. I cry because it Purifies my soul when I think everything that Glitter is gold. I cry the tears of joy because I’m no longer defined by HIV. For I cry to make a statement to all: I’m born for this. I cry not just a simple cry. I cry because I am stronger now. I cry because I have a voice. I cry for you, to know you matter. I cry for all those that’s taken a stand to end Epidemics at last. I cry, will you cry with me? HIV I am born to beat you so I cry till this mission and statement deplete you.

Submitted by Lovinglife101

I will cry with you and let the tears flow down.  I will cry with you for every woman, boy,  girl, and man.  I will cry with you, cleansing my soul.  I will cry with you, tears of joy to know we are not alone. 

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