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I have always joked with my sister and said when things get tough in my marriage, she must always expect me & I will be carrying my ARV’s in my handbag, pulling a suitcase and my boy on the other hand.  With the arrival of my little girl last week, I now have to change my plan...will probably go without the suitcase as I will need both hands to hold my angels and the handbag on one shoulder. I am taking baby steps im my life at this point. Baby steps while recovering form the operation (c-section), baby steps in getting my health and body back into shape, pregnancy can take the” yummy-ness” out of me.  Baby steps with the new addition to the family. The other baby step I'm planning to take is to reach out and give hope to somebody who has lost hope.  There is life after HIV & AIDS. Mano  




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Congratulations!!!! Wishing you enough for the new baby! It shall be well! I had a baby four and half months ago and I am still high as a kite! What joy its been and I trust it will be the same for you. C-section was challenging afterwards but so worth it!...xx


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You made it thusfar so you are a star. Hope the joy that the bundle of love brings will lengthen your lifespan and keep you focussed on the goal of being the bestes wife, mother and friend. Enjoy.


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What my new Son's name? I envy u, in a gud way. I also want a child but so scared.


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thank you ladies. Baby's name is Amahle - roughly translates to beautiful.She is well. Im still in the recovery process but no complaints.
@Dikeledi, you have all the right to be scared and cautious, go with what you feel in you and also involve your doctor.



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I recently found out I am HIV positive and I am 5 months pregnant. I had to make a call for my meds and I could not say it to someone else. Admitting it to myself is hard so how do I tell my partner.


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That's a beautiful advice dear Mano. Tahila you and I are in the same boat, I also recently found out and I dont even see the point in letting anyone else know. My boyfriend knows and we support one another...... i think as long as i take my meds, everything will be fine. HIV is just like any other diseases!


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And I do agree with you 100%. There is no point telling the whole world about it, who at the end will make you so depressed. Tell your loved ones only and live a normal life. I have been doing that since 2005 when I tested HIV positive and is taking care of my two lovely kids...I also found me a new love, who is making me feel so special.


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