Broken heart

I thought I knew what is important in my life; my health and my kids, the rest just comes after but life had a surprise in store for me. A broken heart. My blood count is way up, but my heart is broken. My kids are fit and healthy, but my heart is broken. Who knows how to fix a broken heart? Is there a tablet for it? I can deal with a lot of things, I just don't know how to heal a broken trust, a broken promise. I need to take a step towards healing but this time its not physical its emotional healing. And maybe that is my major problem, physically I am fine, emotionally I am a wreck. So if you look at my physical being you think I've got it together where in fact I'm an emotional accident waiting to happen. I pray to God to give me the strength I need to piece my heart together. Mano




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*hugs* I really am sorry you are hurting. I there are no words to make it all magically go away, but I will tell you that hurt does heal. *bug big hugs*


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when I feel like that I usually listen to India Arie's This too shall pass.
hang in there darling, in the mean time do something for you... Hugs and kisses


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I thank you ladies for your kind words. I've come to realize that I need to show up in my life and put myself first.

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Take heart dear. First you need to accept the fact that you are human and therefore you have to hurt but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get over it gradually. This i do promise you. It doesnt happen over night but be sure it will happen and all this hurt will be history. You are not alone my dear, do take heart and regards to the kids (:


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Sixteen years ago I felt the same way you did. However, I can never embrace being positive but I continue to grow.for myself and my positive sisters. I am happier than I ever been!
i want to help women to empower exercising eating good and contacting with a postive and loving network


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Mano dear, i have been there and am telling you i cant say i know what your feeling. i have come to realize that we are all different so we get affected in different ways when it comes to our emotions and the circumstances are usually not the same. But one thing for sure is that you wont be there for long and for me i have come to believe that if something isn't mine then it will not last. some one better is out there who deserves you. Take heart, i know it will hurt but just be positive and think of the kids and your self. Your in my prayers!!!


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mano i feel exactly like that at the moment. my bloodcount is also fine but emotionally i am a wreck and nowadays i have developed a bad habbit.i drink a lot to numb the pain and its not working cause when i drink all my pain comes out on the surface and becomes unbearable. all i do is go on and keep living.


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I am in the exact situation, I am useless emotionally. 2 kids and a husband I cant trust. But I draw strength from the comments of ladies. I have hope that this is but a passing phase...


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Dear Mano,
This has also happened to me in the past, I mean broken heart, trust and promises. Only God can fix a broken heart, healed broken trust and promises. Put all your trust onto God He is the only one that promise and never failed. Get yourself engaged with something that will keep you busy. Try as much as possible to put the past far far behind you. This usually help at times but the major thing is that just get closer to GOD. This kind of challenged is bond to happen in once life but this is how I over comes mine.



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