Submitted on Feb 20, 2012 by  sharonm10

I am trapped, in a corner I am paralysed by fear.

I fear if I leave him my kids will grow up fatherless like me.

I fear if I leave I will never find another partner. Who will look at an HIV positive dirvocee with two kids?

I fear being lonely. Funny really coz I'm lonely even when he's by my side.

He gave me a life line when I was desperate @ my time of need. He was there but he's changed.

Am I holding onto a ghost?

I may be HIV positive but I know I'm worthy to be loved.

I"m worthy to be cherished. I am worthy.



Submitted by missB

If he is not there fo yu anymore as a partner its difficult but Sisi try talkin to him, reflect on the things and gud life u used to share. Wish yu find happiness again.

Submitted by missB

dear mano,
i am also hiv positive dirvoced and happy, i dont blame you for feeling like this, it not is the end of the world. i also felt like that till i started thinking that God allowed me to be sick so that i cherish and value my life, i now know myself, appreciate the air i breath and i do not take life for grantered. i live everyday like its my lastd ay, i apologise even when i am not wrong, so that i feel at pace, i help people when i am able to because it might be the last time i am doing so. i never had childred from my failed marriage but i know its for a purpose. never lose heart and always remember you are special and God allowed you to be sick for a purpose, find it by knowing that you are alive and NOT alone. i am here 24/7 for you. i am not saying it will be ok but it will be fine. cheers, smile because God loves you and always look at your childred for you will live to see them marry and they will look after you. God is always in control.


Miss Jones

Submitted by joyaloyo

Sharon dear,

Am glad you know your worth. Many times we think because we are HIV positive that we are worthless but just know that God only created you and for a reason. i used to feel that way too but left my sons father because i felt i deserved to be loved more. dont even think otherwise. i have realised my worth even without a man by my side and decided to make a difference in the lives of young children. am glad my life has not been defined by HIV because am worth more than it. Joy

Submitted by missB

Hello Dear,
Thank you first of all 4 knowing that u deserve better in this life time. have you talked about the coldness between you and ur husband? try to settle it first for the your children, seek all the necessary help you can get. if it fails then you can seek all the other alternative u may think its right. But don't compromise ur self because of ur HIV status u are worth more than silver and gold.

God bless u and please take care don't over work yourself because its not very Good for you.

Submitted by sharonm10

Thank you for all the encouraging messages. I have gathered enough strength to face this. The sooner I deal with it the sooner I eliminate the stress from my life.
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Submitted by missB

My darling
there is nothing wrong from being HIV positive women Iam also HIV but I told myself that there is nothing change from negative person to positive just tell your self that IT ONLY WORDS THAT DIFFER but God knows when your days will end so dont,s stress about useless problems there are people who cant,s even get medication and be cured but I bealive we are blesssed of this med. Just thank god for what you are and be a strong women please my friend.

We love you

Submitted by missB

Being positive does not mean its the end of the world but instead its a start for you,you know you are just like someone who has TB,BP you name it,its does not mean you are dying today,you still have lots do and to be happy for,you have kids,just tell your self thst you are now living for them and God will help you i promise.

Submitted by missB

What a powerful statement! You deserve the best sweetheart.

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