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———————————————————-You tremble....and look for a place to sit or lie down lest you fall.
You shiver.... Even though the season is hot and humid,
Your whole body shakes where you can feel its vibration - teeth chatter.
You try to close your eyes and take a deep long breath - and feel the thumping and pounding of your heart on your chest, which increases with every beat.
You go through a wave - a euphoria - you fight and battle on, mentally and emotionally,
Mentally trying to suppress the negative emotions that were building up in you,
And emotionally trying to suppress the negative thoughts that were mentally swelling up the brain.

You try to escape from all these - by retreating to a dark corner,
And if you are - I repeat IF you are strong enough to fight all these, you allow yourself to cry...
Cry your heart out,
Cry your mind out,
Getting angry at that overwhelming feeling that makes you "weak"...
YOU - who people look up to,
YOU - who are the source of inspiration,
YOU - who are a "force" of motivation,
YOU - who advise people on their problems, by understanding them, feeling with them, by totally "being" in them,

It is now YOU - who yourself are in need - to be advised, to be consoled.
Knowing that even MIGHTY ones become "weak" at a point of time to hold,
YOU - who cry out,
YOU - who want to be heard,
Finally connects to another soul, and another..... And another.....
Thereby feeling the dense cloud of gloom slowly withering away.....
Breathing level - relaxed!
Blood pressure - relaxed!
Emotional and mental health - stable!

#SevereAcuteDepression - just f**k off (sorry for that word which doesn't sound like me)
I survived!!
and I will survive again!
Knowing I am not alone .........and even though I can be broken but NEVER DEFEATED!!
Because I AM A WARRIOR!!

#TheUglyFaceOfDepression #MentalHealth #ThoseCrucialHours #JoDha




I feel this. love and light. 

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I feel this. love and light. 


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