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Submitted on May 1, 2024 by  Marig2016

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Hello friends. It's been a while ... many know last year was a pretty hard year for me and it's taken some time for me to resurface... Just so much going on in my mind and heart, but one thing that's never wavered is the love for our community, even if I haven't been as physically present, and for that I apologize.

As an entrepreneur in the network marketing space, personal development is a primary focus that you don't see in many other spaces. Earlier this year I attended a business event where the keynote speaker was highlighted for his work as a transformational coach with a nine-figure business who has learned from some of the best in the world. I wasn't sure what to expect but I joined and honestly it's been a wild ride since!

I've committed and invested into his coaching program, which I hadn't realized would dig into some deep and personal things to help reach my next level of greatness. This past weekend we had a small group gathering for a three-day mastermind and my goodness, what a powerful event.

For me personally, I had a massive breakthrough that led me to realizing some very suppressed emotions and memories stemming back to childhood, BUT we worked through them and I instantly felt like a new woman. So often we walk around not realizing how our past and our childhood play a major role in the way we show up. I cried in a way I've never cried before, but I felt such a weight released that I now want to cry weekly, haha!



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All in all, I say all this to say, we all have baggage, we are carrying emotions we weren't meant to carry, and have allowed them to shape our identity! So take some time to reflect, release and realize that we ourselves hold the keys to our destiny! I'm a believer that God is the ultimate driver. Maybe for you it's the universe, but we get to be copilots and to me, that's a role I've taken too lightly.

I hope today you dare to dream bigger, you ask the hard questions and envision all the things for yourself you thought impossible. Anything is possible if you believe, take action and never give up 💖💖💖

Submitted by Ci Ci

thank you Marissa for doing the work and sharing the process! i'm like, i'm over all the stuff that happened in childhood and then, BAM! i realize there is more work to do. thank you for sharing! 

Submitted by Marig2016

You’re so welcome sis. My coach actually says it’ll never go away we just have to recognize when our younger self shows up, love on her and let her know it’s gonna be okay. And when old programming (thoughts and habits) creep in we address it and say nope I know what I need to do and move forward with progress not delay or distraction 

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