As I Continue To Learn...

As I continue to learn myself, I continue to grow as an individual thus becoming more available as an advocate for HIV.
I was picking and choosing the people I would be honest with and whom I would speak to. 
This art of lying seems to come easy to me as I have been living a lie for so long. Last night 
I came clean on my personal facebook page about how I feel about living with HIV, I turned the tables of me; I said what I see as my story.
I cannot partially engage in the Stigma (by being silent) then act as if I am a help to the community.
So it’s out there. Some are ok and some not. This does not change how I see myself. I am a strong woman who has overcome so much.
I am a battle to reckon with. I, as of now, speak my truth, my story, no partial story or covering up what one might have heard.
I am available, I study daily to ensure I can give accurate answers or give direction where to find the correct sources for the answers.
I am not afraid of HIV so why would I let others’ opinions of me take this from me. Knowledge is only power when we use it.
Thanks to all the women who have helped me to embrace myself - every part of me.
Today I followed up on my fb with and open invitation to anyone with questions or concerns on HIV. I am not an expert. I know my travels and I know I can help others. Fear will not be in the way. I stand strong and united with the thousands of women who too are fighting this crazy world full of "Stigma, hate, and Ignorance" I am proud to be a part of such a force. 



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