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Blossoming! Every day I'm learning and growing. Although my mind is in PANIC MODE, my heart desires to help others grow! My life isn't peaches and cream but with my love and kindness, I can be sweet as apple pie. Others can't seem to understand how I remain strong and spread positivity throughout my community. I no longer focus on the small things, I now focus on things that are bigger than you and me! All my life I had to struggle and suffer in silence. I no longer want to feel empty inside nor do I want others to experience the pain that I once felt. I felt sooo alone, I felt ugly, I felt unworthy, I felt like CRAP. No one NEVERRRRR deserves to feel that way. My mission every day is to educate and motivate. Through me, we all will be blossoming!


Tiffany Newsome is the CEO and founder of "Blossoming In Red Inc." Tiffany is a certified phlebotomist, public speaker, direct support professional, community health professional, and patient care assistant. She is also pursuing her degree in Business of Administration. Tiffany is an advocate for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Why Tiffany wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: Tiffany is here to bring her community the knowledge that it's lacking and to significantly expand access to women and men who are in need of therapy, or who want to know more about their rights. She would like to expand the understanding of the structure of the government and how federal policy is developed, implemented, and funded. Lastly, she is here to build and maintain relationships with policy makers and stakeholders who have influence over the advocacy process.

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