Submitted on Sep 16, 2019 by  BlossomingTiffany94


I just want to make a statement very quickly. PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY AND LET IT SINK IN!!!!

Yes, I have an incurable disease but YET, it is indeed manageable. I am no threat to anyone and my life still proceeds to go on. You have no right to belittle me or make me feel as if I'm less of a human being. I wouldn't proclaim that HIV made me, but it has definitely altered me! I didn't know how powerful and strong I was until it was my only stance! Please stop calling me NASTY, INFECTIOUS, A WHORE, DIRTY, SICK, etc... because I AM NONE OF THESE THINGS. In fact, I am still a healthy, inspirational, lovable, and most importantly, A STRONG, BLACK QUEEN! I may have settled for less in the past but I will not settle for less now because of my status. Sooooo what, it took me to find out about my diagnosis, to realize that I was moving way too fast! It's ok, I have brushed my britches off and stood up tall and walked in the journey that is destined for me! So despite of what you may think of me, I AM STILL A MOTHER, A DAUGHTER, AN AUNT, A SISTER, and A FUTURE WIFE!! 




Submitted by kmartel

Thank you for speaking out! You are definitely all of these things and more!! "healthy, inspirational, lovable, and most importantly, A STRONG, BLACK QUEEN!" <3 

Submitted by Drakes1991

Glory to Go. I got something that has help me to know that God has showed and is still saying in

John 11:4The sickness is not into death,but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby

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