It's Time to Move On...

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When things don't go well, don't make it worse. It's better to go with the flow rather than to swim against the tide. Things don't last forever, it is bound to change at a given point of time. But why stress out and make yourself unhappy in the situation? Life is meant to be lived, to be understood and to move on.

Taking care of "self" first is most important. Know one thing - you are not only living for others but also for your own - it's a fine balance. Many people regret things they haven't done in life and wished they had. Why spend time feeling sorry for yourself when you can actually do it? And the time is NOW!

~ Not happy with your job? Start looking out for another one. Once you are hired, say bye bye to your old company.

~ Not happy with your life because it is boring, mundane and routine? Then CHANGE THE PROCESS. Do something new everyday. And laziness is not the new "in".

~ Not happy with the family or people around you? Well, the world is full and full of people. Go out, explore, make new friends, get set for adventure, etc. etc. etc.


It's time to move on.......




Moving on

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For real . Thats the truth . Moving on and investing in ourselves. I love your share. Thank you for making me smile. Have a great day!


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