Submitted on May 14, 2012 by  joyaloyo

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible but when we show the will, they soon become inevitable. Yes! Am living testimony that our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

A few months ago I left our capital city, Kampala (Uganda), for my hometown...jobless but armed with the drive and desire to help young children and no clue of where to begin.

Today, I have a Kindergarten and Daycare and have an enrollment of over 80 children. It has been a humbling and beautiful experience right from the day the first child reported for school in early February till we closed for the holidays in April.

The transformation of the children entrusted to me is simply remarkable. Many of these children joined the school when they could hardly speak a word in English except for the local dialect, but by the time the term closed they were speaking several English words comfortably. The Parents' appreciation for what I have done for their children every time I get to meet them brings me immense joy.

The beginning, like anything else I must admit, did not come without its challenges but am glad we overcame them. From trying to get the house I rented ready for school, getting good caregivers to the different aspects of a school.

I remember helping the painters with the painting because of the excitement and designing our school uniform which I must add is one of the best in this part of my country. My idea was simple; bring the city to the countryside and it's working great.

It’s my desire that I will not speak or talk defeat over my dream but use words like faith, victory and hope. I have hope that the future for me is bright and with it will come more beautiful dreams. Hope for me is not pretending that the troubles like the HIV in my body does not exist. It's hope that this will be managed by taking my medication correctly and eating healthy and most of all continuing to nurture positive thoughts. I also know that the hurts I have had before like being rejected by the father of my son because of my status, losing my baby and betrayal by an HIV positive partner will be healed.

I know it’s only I that can change my dreams and I will not numb myself to the trials and difficulties in my life but will find peace not by trying to escape my problems but by confronting them courageously.

I have done so by starting my own Kindergarten and Daycare because it’s my understanding that nothing splendid can be achieved unless one dares to believe that something inside them is superior to their circumstance and for me this definitely refers to the HIV in my blood!

with love, Joy.

Submitted by mumbaiyyagal

Dear Joyaloyo,

Am glad that you finally found a "purpose" to your life and living it. Am glad that finally you made your dream into a reality. But am more glad that you did NOT let the virus come in between and hamper your life even thou it was living inside you, within you. That is what I liked the most. That is what I call being a "fighter", a SURVIVOR.

Submitted by joyaloyo

Abena my dear, am glad your inspired. It all begins with the dream like i had and you have. its only you that stands in your way. think about your target market and remember to offer something that will keep people talking after they have eaten. Blessings my dear!!!

Submitted by joyaloyo

Abena my dear, just know its only you that stands in your way. it starts with the simple desire like i had and like you have. Go ahead girl just look through your target market and remember to offer something different that will leave people talking after they have eaten. Be blessed!!!!

Submitted by mumbaiyyagal

oh my dear it's really a good thing to live your dream. that is waht i am trying to do now. i've always had this dream of cooking for people to come and eat and you have really inspired me hear. i will go on to cahieve my dream coz that is what i love doing LOL.
You are a DIVA....go girl go

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