Reflections on World AIDS Day 2017

Submitted on Dec 6, 2017 by  Destiny123

Another year, another day that we live in this continuous fight on World AIDS Day.

December 1 and the rest of the year, advocates around the country continue to make things happen. Many who paved the way have died from this awful condition and left their legacy of HOPE and STRENGTH to us who are SURVIVING through stigma!

My words, my voice continue to get louder every year because this is my passion, this is my life and my prayer is that one day we can finally relax because there will be no more stigma, no more messed up justice system, no more medicine, no more hate because of who a person is, no more individuals being diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, period!

I know that’s really wishful thinking, but today, right now, we can still start the change. It starts with us, it starts with you. Will you help us in this fight? We are tired of half support, we are tired of our sisters and brothers not getting fair treatment, we are just TIRED, but we won’t STOP!! Lots of uneducated people that are stamping rules, approvals, denials, and throwing away the key on those living with HIV/AIDS are causing society to miss out on some powerful, smart, beautiful, handsome people who can really be successful and helpful in society only IF we can STOP being so judgmental.

Educate yourself and know that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. Stop putting us way back in time, because we are trying to move forward. We need you, we need your support. Nobody is exempt from this, so there is no certain category of people living with HIV/AIDS. There is no big I and little You in this movement.

People are dying because of who they are, because society failed to educate itself! Our justice system, as I continue to raise my voice on this issue, is failing us. They are still taking baby steps with the system. We have a condition, not a crime, not hate, but a condition–just like others with health conditions. It’s now 2017. It’s sad that many are still dying daily. What can you do to help us?

We are going to survive, we are going to win! They try to lock us up, shut us up, throw the medications on us, make us feel like we are nobodies. But one thing society can’t stop is our STRENGTH in numbers: When we who are living with this condition come together in unity, our power is strong. When society tries to stop us, our sisters and brothers are always right beside us to pull us right back up!

Support us. Stand with us today and every day!

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