Take me out. Prom night!

Submitted on May 3, 2016 by  Destiny123

During the months between March to May, prom in many states is happening!! The young girls are all excited! Shopping around for their gown, deciding what hair style they want, nails, shoes, etc. It’s such an exciting time, right?!! I remember going to prom. I had my gown custom made, it was so beautiful and I had a blast prom night!!

Let’s picture ourselves going on our prom date!! I say this to say you all are beautiful in your own way. Take time to embrace the wonderful you! Dress up, let your hair down and walk with your head held high down that runway! We who live with HIV sometimes beat ourselves up because we feel that we are not worthy of certain things, but why? Go on that HOT date, hang out with friends, have dinner with family, travel the world!!!

Prom all the young kids are EXCITED! Some never been out before or even on a date. Prom is a memorable experience. You see nothing but the beautiful gowns, nice tuxedos and let’s not forget how the parents even get them a nice ride or limo!! They deserve it! After all they are almost half way through school and learning life. We who are HIV Positive should do the same and LIVE a little. I talk about "living" a lot in my blogs because there is no other way. Treat yourself out and not everything costs money! If you're always on the go making a difference in the lives of others then now it’s time for you to relax, sit by the beach and enjoy the sunset!!! No worries you can always get back to reality but learn to enjoy YOU! Take me out, let’s go have fun!

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