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Jae   What is a resolution? The dictionary says: 1. a decision or determination; a resolve: to make a firm resolution to do something. This seems simple enough right? So I browsed the internet to find out why most of us don’t stick to them.  
  1. Doing on your own… they say if you are accountable to someone else you have a better chance.
  2. Extremely lofty resolutions… Basically you can’t get your PhD in one year. Unless you only have your dissertation left to finish.
  3. Giving up too easily… I will blog once a week… seems easy enough, unless you are busy. Sometimes you just need to finish something. It wouldn’t have to be 1000 words, but it would be completed.
  4. Time management… my problem!!!! I have get ideas but I can’t manage my time!!!
  5. Financial Burden… for example:  if your resolution is to eat organic and you live on a tight budget this might not be feasible.  1 pound or organic carrots is$3.00 and 1 pound of non-organic is $1.50. This may not seem like a big deal to some but to a person with a family of 5 it can.
  6. Unrealistic Resolutions… Losing 100 pounds in a month just won’t happen.
  7. No Plan… People with a plan have better out comes…. For example … the first Sunday of every month I will balance my bank account. Saturday mornings I will walk for an hour. Whatever your plan is at least you have one.
  8. Lack of honesty… Be honest with yourself. Are you truly committed to volunteering? Are you even interested in it?
  9. Wrong Perspective… While you may have the best intentions with your resolution, you could be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  10. Not believing in yourself… Celebrate the small accomplishments… I lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks, I ate more healthy today, I finally finished that book, I walked 1 mile…
I personally hate resolutions. Because of one or more of the reasons I have listed. I have started to set “Goals” for myself. I do this all year long and from time to time I adjust them according to my needs and my personal abilities. My current goals:
  1. Eat healthier (I am actually able to do this because it isn’t specific)

a.       I am not eating out as much, if I do I make sure my choices are better

b.      Way more fruits and veggies

2.       Read my current lessons and not fall behind

3.       Be loving to my family

4.       Be thoughtful to others

5.       Be an active listener

6.       Be a good example

7.       Reach out to others with HIV




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