"Stay Well at Home" with The Well Project (To All the Amazons in the House)

Submitted on Jul 22, 2020 by  boseolotu

To you, all my Amazons!

You impact lives and motivate others around you; you all are awesome!

Attending different sessions of this series has impacted me in every area of my life during this trying and challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. I've been participating in most of the sessions and we have acquired more knowledge in a great way. In these past weeks, it was most of these sessions that really helped pull me through some of my personal challenges and being a part of this also gave me an insight into lots of things, such as planning ahead of time with my budget, income management, taking care of my spiritual and physical being by using the seven Chakra method; and the one that got me the most is the session on Vision Boards.

I am so thankful to Krista, Jenna, Olivia and all the Amazon women that have contributed greatly to all of the series which includes The Well Project and the board members for their support over the years.

This program has given me a sense of belonging because this pandemic can really drive one crazy. Some of us have lost a lot in this period and life just keeps throwing tantrums at me - but I am able to move on because I have all of you, my sweet and wonderful sisters from another mother.

You all are the Amazons of this time and age and I love you all!

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