A Story and a Friendly Reminder

I recently took an impromptu trip to the Dominican Republic for some R&R with my girls! And while COVID is still very much a factor, I just kept repeating YOLO in my head.


So I packed my bathing suit, sunscreen, face masks, hand sanitizer and my HIV meds. I initially only thought about bringing pills for the time frame I would be there but I worried about customs and issues with bringing medication not in its original bottle. Not a chance I was willing to take.

Now I must admit I am quite proud of myself for thinking of this because when I was newly diagnosed, on my first planned trip I didn't even want to bring my meds. But they have become a part of me and during this pandemic it's an added layer of defense.

But I know there are so many who struggle with taking their meds so hopefully this post will be inspiring to start or continue your meds not for anyone else but YOU. heart

I have to tell you I am so glad I packed that bottle because regulations to get back in the country are no joke. There's tons of disorganization at the airports and zero communication. Needless to say my five days prior to travel negative COVID results were considered expired and I missed my flight back home (i.e., another vacation day)...  AFTER the stress went away!

Staying in another country for an unplanned extended period of time is definitely stressful but had I not had my meds I would've been even more stressed.

Moral of the the story: live for today and plan for the unexpected.

I hope that this pandemic has reminded you that tomorrow isn't promised. To always put your happiness at the front and to enjoy all the moments that make you crack a smile and cause your heart to skip a beat.

It's so easy to get stressed and overwhelmed by so many things we can't control. So just remember, while the grass may be greener on the other side, your grass is only as green as you make it. heart





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LOL you make me want to pack up and dip! I admire the other free-spirits in the world. Yessssssss!!!


GIRL!!! I need a push

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GIRL!!! I need a push sometimes .. financially if i was in a position to, i'd be out at least once a month. Not this trip BUT when i went to PR in 2019 my first real vava ... the peace i felt was like no other... i wish that for everyone! Its a different level of not only rest/ relaxation but comfort. 


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