Trusting Being Alive

Submitted on Nov 7, 2022 by  Positive Sunbeam

As the days continue to get shorter and darker, accessing my resilience is the practice that reminds me I am whole, lovable, safe, and worthy of family, community, and connection.

Living from the place of hope that humanity cares and loves deeply, while respecting Mother Earth’s abundance and grace brings tenderness to my heart.

This morning I see the beauty of sunrise outside my window and relish how the light peaks through billowing clouds after a much needed Autumn Storm. Leaves are changing colors painting our valley with a palate of vibrancy that brings an appreciation of nature and her wisdom that flows with the seasons, always with beauty.

My summertime was grand with expansion and happy day adventures.

More recently, melancholy is palatable in my being. I’m not surprised as the darker seasonal time is an inner journey of stillness, silence, and simply slowing down. Our bodies require integration of growth and expansion. My expansion of being public living with HIV now is asking for an even deeper love and trusting of my process and how I show up in a world sometimes confusing and overwhelming to my being.

Just as Mother Nature composts the harvest to begin anew in springtime, I am given the opportunity to integrate my growth of summertime to continue cycles of showing up in the world as a feeling, belonging, human being with my own unique voice.

Water has been an ally for me in every season. I am grateful for the wisdom of her support.

Water surrounds me
Water holds me sweet.
With the flow of trusting life
My shedding tears do meet.

Warm or cool, dark or clear,
Water finds a way.
Touching true all that is,
And finding ways to play.

Water beams my shining light
And sparkles dancing stars.
I now know my Trusting of Being Alive.


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Submitted by Marig2016

You my darling are absolutely worthy of family, community, and connection! Thank you for sharing this beautiful peace. It's funny how time change can really play on our emotions and how their attributes can be mimicked by us without attempt. 

Submitted by PDEES


Hello SunBeam,

My name is Porchia and I am a part of the Community Advisory Board. I enjoyed your blog. Your references to Mother Nature throughout made me feel grounded and at ease. I need to do a better job at getting out into nature and away from my desk and computer spring and at being present and appreciating the little things in life, like watching the sunrise or sunset. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I haven’t done it in so long.

Your resilience radiated all throughout this blog. I appreciated it ❤️‍?✨??‍♀️

Submitted by Positive Sunbeam

Hello Porchia,

I'm touched my words reminded you to stay connected to nature.  With the busyness of the world it sometimes takes extra reminders! During my work day I take  brisk 15min walk breaks around the block. I bundle up this time of year. Best to you for the Winter Solstice and Return to the Light.

Submitted by Positive Sunbeam

Hello Marissa!

thank you for reminding me I am worthy of family, community and connection! Your storytelling in community inspires me, and I am taking baby steps to be an authentic role model and peer support. Best to you for the Holiday season!

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